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Banana Spice

I spent most of the day moving my apartment into storage and bits and pieces of me are all sore and achy.  It's strange to walk into the apartment stripped of most of the furniture.  It doesn't feel at all like home anymore. 
I found a box of Christmas tree ornaments buried deep in the closet and realized that I haven't had a Christmas tree in any of my apartments for about four or five years now but I've been lugging the ornaments around, ready and waiting for my tree.  Next year, I'm getting a tree, no matter how dinky it might be.  Those poor ornaments deserve a chance to shine.  I'd imagine that it's no easy task to survive move after move if you're a glass ball.

A friend of mine gave me a fantastic present for Christmas today:  That Extra Half An Inch, by Victoria Beckham.  I am so excited to read this book.  Posh Spice was always my favorite Spice.  She'd stand around and sulk while the rest of the Spices were jumping madly about the stage and I'd think, "That's the Spice I wanna be.  The one who stands there and looks bored-but-attractive."  
She's actually very funny and smart - after all, Victoria was the only Spice people were still talking about for years after the group split up.  She's happily married, has kids, and manages to keep (most of) her clothes on and still makes the gossip columns every week. That takes some mad skillz, I think.  And now there's a guide to becoming just like Perfect Spice.
So happy.