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May 19th, 2009

She fights for her life

These are the things that happened on Sunday:

The Artist and I went to the movies and while we were there, about a half hour into the film, there was an earthquake.  I heard later that it wasn’t really a big one, only 5.0, but it felt pretty frakin big at the time.  Worse, it seemed to last forever.  The movie we were watching, The Brothers Bloom, was a particularly good one and as the floor kept moving and rumbling, I started to wonder if the roof would come down on us and if so, would we be able to finish the movie that night or would we have to come back later, maybe in a couple of days?   Because I was really liking this film and I didn’t want a little thing like THE PLANET SHAKING ITSELF APART to ruin my movie experience.


I’d had Her Morning Elegance stuck in my head all day and when we went to the Casbah Café after THE MOVIE THAT ROCKED MY WORLD, LIKE, FOR REALS, I was humming the song without realizing it.  The guy behind the counter was one of those Adorable Quiet Types.  He looked twelve years old, had a nervous giggle and never made eye contact with anyone.   Painfully shy, nearly incapacitated by it. 
As he rang up my drink, he said, shyly, “I love that song.”

Me (with no idea that I’d been humming): What?

AQT:  …That song, I love it.

Me: (growing suspicious and wondering if he’s messing with me, or just crazy.  There wasn’t any music playing):  What song?

AQT: Erm…The…The song… That…You….I love it.

Me (arming my Glance of Withering Scorn): What are you talking about? 

AQT: .... ... ....

AQT:  (feebly) That... ... ... That... ....  I love it....

Me: (officially bellligerant) What?!? 
Are you cra….    …..   ...Oh…The one I… Humming?  That song?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  …..Erm.  Uh… HAHAHAHAHAHA.   Yeah…  I love it, too.



Super-awkward.  He actually cringed as he gave me my change and my latte,  I stood there, wondering if there was some way I could fix this and not be the Hostile Crazy Lady but there was nothing.  No way to fix this.  Trying to explain myself would only make me sound even more crazy and the Adorable Quiet Type was already done with me, sorry that he’d said anything at all.   Our coffee-and-song relationship was over.  I’d blown it and the only thing I could do was walk away.  After leaving a big tip, of course.   Nothing like money to soothe the troubled soul.

The guy with the accordion in the music video?  That's my friend Fil - I collect talented people.